VisiShip's process management affords clients and their team a continuous, collaborative benefit throughout the entire shipment lifecycle.

Whether it’s a refrigerated LTL order or a bulk railcar, a supply move into a transload terminal or a final mile delivery, Visiship has you covered.

From rate inquiry to performance reporting, the TMS integrated components deliver the visibility, optimization, and communications to drive cost savings and improved customer service outcomes. Let's discuss how VisiShip TMS guides workflow management throughout each stage of the process, and the benefits you can expect by exploring each phase of the lifecycle below.

VisiShip TMS Overview

The VisiShip Rating Engine offers a robust rate management and carrier routing capability. Based on your business’ established parameters, the VisiShip rating engine can automatically determine the optimal carrier, calculated using criteria such as cost, transit time, product, equipment, performance and/or service level. It even allows easy access to centralized rate storage, maintenance and quotes.

  • Optimal carrier determination based on customer business rules
  • Carrier and mode options presented with costs, transit time and other details
  • Modes: LTL, TL, Bulk, Rail, ISO, Intermodal, Ocean, Local, Parcel
  • Complex rate structures and contracts based on equipment and service type
  • Rate management tools and one-click contract reports
  • Automated shipment rating with carrier cost and transit options for every shipment
  • Rate quotes via the internet available to authorized users
  • Accurate fuel surcharge calculations using the Visiship library of fuel index levels
  • Support for benchmark rates comparisons and automatic sales quotations

VisiShip provides planning and optimization capabilities to drive savings for customers. This technology performs real-time optimization of orders for inbound and outbound consolidation, along with detailed savings analysis. VisiShip optimization models consider a multitude of factors such as business rules, carrier rates, order characteristics, delivery and pick-up requirements, transit times, loading/unloading time and equipment resources.

In addition, VisiAssist Professional Services can be used to evaluate your logistics network using advanced modeling tools. They can help provide insight into alternative strategies for product sourcing, facility locations, route/mode optimization and transportation planning.

VisiShip dramatically improves transportation processes by simplifying the task of tendering shipments to carriers. Increased routing guide compliance eliminates maverick buying and lowers costs. Carriers are set-up to communicate with VisiShip by EDI, internet or fax and receive cascading or broadcast shipment tenders, defining which load goes to which carrier in which order. VisiShip’s Mass Tendering capability can tender many shipments simultaneously with just a single click.

  • Integrated with VisiShip Rating Engine for routing guide compliance
  • Electronic communications with your routing guide and our carrier base
  • Automatic cascade and broadcast tender methods managed by VisiShip
  • Mass tendering capabilities to save time
  • Alerts for carrier options exceeding benchmark cost or with infeasible transit
  • Spot carrier options when needed for better load coverage
  • Advanced Shipment Notifications [ASN] available for ship points and customers
  • Instantly see the financial impact of not tendering to the least cost carrier

The VisiShip Carrier Services Site and electronic communications allow carriers to manage delivery appointments, share transit location with status, and respond to tenders.

Visiship’s advanced internet-driven technology communicates with carriers to assign loads, track status and give shippers real time visibility of the entire process from planning to delivery. With a password and reference number, anyone in your organization can obtain real time tracking capabilities based on updates from the shipper, the carrier and the consignee.

  • Constant order visibility for all authorized parties
  • Actual pickup, delivery and in-transit exceptions collected from carriers
  • Shipment status managed by VisiShip throughout order lifecycle
  • Critical events immediately sent to subscribing parties
  • Shipment exceptions automatically detected and distributed as configured
  • Advanced Shipment Notifications [ASN] available for ship points and customers
  • Tracking updates based on carrier GPS, EDI, XML, CLM, and direct carrier entry
  • VisiTrack TMS available to customers for shipment status and tracking

VisiShip performs freight bill processing and simplifies error detection and resolution. The system creates accurate accruals for each shipment, which lowers the number and cost of audited freight bills to only those really needing review. VisiShip’s match pay process matches carrier invoices with shipment accruals and out-of-tolerance shipments are automatically flagged for audit. The result is a minimal number of audit bills, zero duplicate payments and freight cost savings through highly accurate shipment accruals.

  • VisiShip Rating Engine automatically builds freight accrual for each shipment
  • Shipments are auto-settled or flagged for audit based on client variance tolerances
  • Feedback eliminates unnecessary audits due to inaccurate rates in the system
  • Mass settlement tools raise productivity of this labor-intensive process
  • VisiShip integrates with accounting systems to provide financial data
  • Carriers may be configured to Submit Invoice or Auto-Pay

Management Reporting

VisiShip’s reporting tools provide complete, accurate and easily accessible historical data and analytical reports. Shippers can use information strategically and make informed decisions by measuring carrier service levels or tracking key performance indicators. Information at the order level is readily available and in a timely manner to resolve issues in the shipping process and improve customer service.

Document Imaging

VisiShip offers clients the option to store and view scanned images of shipment documents such as the Bill of Lading or photos of inspected equipment at your facility. These document files are managed within VisiShip and can be located by a simple search for the shipment, order, PRO or BOL number.

Event Notification

VisiShip’s Event Notification system allows users to subscribe to shipment events and exceptions. When those events and/or exceptions occur, the user is immediately notified by email or fax. This capability pushes desired information to users rather than waiting for them to inquire about it.

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