Introducing the web-native application that offers complete visibility and access for a comprehensive view of all supply and outbound transactions.

Scheduling, Operations & Inventory Management for Bulk Terminal Distribution

The transparency afforded by TankWorks from a facility management perspective means coordination of the entire team from schedulers, to operators and stock accounting. So with this singular application, specifically outfitted for the terminal process model, your whole team is able to move work off the spreadsheet and into a centrally accessed tool for improved productivity and accuracy. What’s more, TankWorks offers 100 % integrated support for all transportation modes and can simultaneously schedule multiple mode types!

What’s in the tank?

  • Terminal Assets and Configuration
  • Scheduling
  • Operations [Gauging & Fulfillment]
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Historical and Performance Reporting
  • Tankworks Calculator

In addition to the productivity tools offered for scheduling, operations and management, TankWorks boasts comprehensive management, inventory, transaction and utilization reporting. Other functionality highlights include third-party storage customer management, immediate access to gross inventory positions and key terminal management data reporting. Explore in overview how TankWorks can assist with other key areas of bulk terminal distribution below.

TankWorks Overview In Functionality

Manage Tank Assignments & Specifications
  • Dedicated/Co-mingled, Customer/Group, Area
  • Max Safe Capacity, Critical Zone, Bottom Type, Heel
Maintain Tank Strapping Charts
  • TankWorks stores and utilizes tank strapping data for calculations
Monitor Tank Levels
  • Manual Tank Gauging
    • View latest gauge level
    • Check tank gauging history
  • Automate tank inventory monitoring
    • Integration with telemetry systems
Schedule Multiple Transport Modes
  • Marine, Rail, Pipeline, Tank-to-Tank, Truck
Centralize Plant Schedule
  • Changes are available immediately via system and reports
Generate Documentation
  • Outbound BOL, Product Transfer documentation
Support Multi-Tank Transactions
  • Co-mingled Receipts
  • Product Blending
Manage Rail Activity
  • Inbound Visibility, Plant Activity, Empty BOL/Release
TankWorks Transaction Fulfillment Editor
  • Enter Opening and Closing Gauges with Notes
  • Automatically Calculate Stop Gauge and Volume
Emissions Events
  • Automatic Heel Warning for Operator
  • Log Events for Emissions Calculations and Reports
Transaction Gauge Reports
  • Produce reports of completed transaction, gauge details and gross volumes for stock accounting

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