Even if all goes according to plan, things move pretty fast. Sometimes it pays to get a little help.

The VisiAssist Professional Services team provides customers with a variety of transportation analysis and technology assistance. Led by professionals who have held senior positions within shippers, motor carriers, logistics companies, as well as consulting and technology development firms, they are highly-experienced business analysts and system integration experts with the bench depth and resources to handle any complex supply chain challenge.

VisiAssist's Professional Services Offerings Include:

Strategic Consulting

Our VisiAssist Professional Services team can evaluate your logistics network using advanced modeling tools. From there, we can provide insight into alternative strategies for product sourcing, facility locations, route/mode optimization and transportation planning.

Logistics Management

For customers interested in a complete logistics management and technology services solution, the VisiShip Load Management Center provides a full team of highly-trained and experienced logistics professionals. The Load Management Center runs on VisiShip and helps our customers build comprehensive transportation management plans and programs for full-service logistics, load tendering, rate & carrier management, freight payment, load coverage options, and additional services.

Implementation & Training

The VisiAssist Professional Services team provides assistance with VisiShip implementation for customers. This important work includes operational data import, client preference configuration, carrier setup and user training.

Technology Integration & Customization

The VisiShip Professional Services team will work with customers to integrate with their ERP and Accounting systems to quickly provide seamless, automated services and results. With decades of experience, we have successfully connected with all of the leading ERP and Dispatch systems. We utilize a standard set of integration options, including xml, web services, EDI, and flat file formats. The team will design a custom VisiShip solution to fit the customer’s logistics operations.

Get key insight & strategic assistance with:

  • Supply Chain Consulting & Optimization
  • Freight Procurement
  • Strategic Bid Scenarios
  • Rate Benchmarking Analysis
  • Rate Optimization & Compliance Studies
  • Shipment Consolidation / Optimization Studies
  • Supply Chain Consulting
  • Managed Services
  • Freight Coordination
  • Rail Fleet Management

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