Where the rail meets the road:

A web-based platform to manage all aspects of the transloading business.

The Transload Manager is part of the VisiShip Suite of web-based and easy-to-deploy technology that offers operational visibility for the whole process team, across shipper users, terminals, carriers, and customers. With no large capital investment and no software to install, your facilities are up and running fast, using the web to control the transload process and maximize ROI for your business.

Transload Operator Highlights

  • Dynamic TOC and Excess Car Calculations
  • Real-Time Inventory Visibility [inbound, on-site, railcar, storage tank, warehouse]
  • Transload Activity
  • Product Transfers
  • Dilutions, Blending
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Value Added Services
  • Transload Pricing and Invoicing
  • Demurrage Monitoring
  • Customer Web Portal
  • Direct system interface with customer ERP systems to eliminate manual data entry
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting Statistics with Terminal KPIs

Transload Shipper Features

  • Real-time visibility of product inventory at your transload sites [inbound, on-hand, empty returns].
  • ERP system interface to capture completed transfer details quickly and automatically for customer invoicing.
  • Online access to shipping documents, scale tickets, inspections, and railcar pictures.
  • Full transload details readily available, including actual weights, equipment IDs and split loads, Batch/Lot numbers, rail and truck seal history, carrier, weights, and more.
  • Reporting statistics on railcar heels, dwell times, inventory levels, average truck load weights, delivery confirmation, and more.

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