Measurable benefits for maximum ROI.

VisiShip delivers results for clients through an unmatched combination of capabilities, technology and ease-of-use applied to the complete shipment lifecycle with an integrated set of tools designed for planning, execution, visibility, communication, measurement and analysis.

Lower Freight Costs: Hard dollar benefits in routing guide compliance, load planning, freight payment and overall process efficiency. Visiship’s shipment and rate optimization typically reduces freight costs by significant amounts.

Logistics Control: Improved shipment visibility, automation and measurement for the complete order lifecycle. Every order, every time. Control costs with up-to-date, accurate freight accruals and fuel surcharge calculations. Comprehensive reporting package for carrier scorecards, operations status and financial performance.

Customer Service: Enhanced customer service through real-time tracking, advanced shipping notices, automated event notification and dynamic exception management. Manage exceptions through automated detection and immediate highlighting for your attention. Our robust tendering engine improves your ability to get loads covered efficiently and quickly.

Decision Support: Better planning and logistics decisions driven by optimization recommendations, key performance metrics and instant carrier scorecards. Create more time for managing and planning; spend less time on routine, manual tasks.

Advanced Communications: Tap into electronic communications with the Visiship carrier base. Over 3000 carriers are connected to VisiShip for your routing guide, load coverage, and real-time status updates. Notify key parties as operational events occur and send alerts and messages to transportation managers, warehouses, terminals, and customers.

High Return on Investment: Standard VisiShip implementations are completed quickly and can pay for themselves within the first few months. This easy-to-use, intuitive system adapts to fit your business process.

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