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It's simple. The secret of our success is you.

VisiShip and its technology experts, consultants and partners are motivated by the shared goals of our customers and their stakeholders. By listening and investing the time to truly understanding your unique challenges and requirements, we strive to be a key logistics ally that delivers the strategic advantage for you.

Big enough to handle any complex supply chain challenge, yet adaptive and attentive so we can deliver what you need.

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Performance Analysis & Process Automation

A manufacturer of specialty food and oral care additives selected VisiShip to support its complete logistics management needs from shipment rating through freight payment. Their objectives were to adopt logistics best practices and technology, automate the transportation management process, and develop performance measurement data for planning purposes.

Through VisiAssist Professional Services our highly-skilled team:

  • Utilized VisiShip to automate the complete process and setup electronic communications with their carriers (internet for those that do not support EDI)
  • Identified cost savings approaching 5% of total freight spend resulting from improved carrier selection and rate optimization.
  • Afforded team-wide access to VisiShip which generated shipment accruals, improved forecasting and staregic planning for accounting managers.
  • Provided accurate shipment ratings to keep audited invoices to a minimum and eliminated costly manual work.
  • Implemented instant carrier scorecard reports that provided necessary performance data to make strategic decisions and quantified on-time delivery levels of 96%.
  • Implemented an automated PPA quote mechanism to ensure accurate rates are quoted by customer service.
  • Collaborated with logistics partners to provide full logistics management & technology services for the client.

Carrier Selection & Rate Optimization

A chemicals and materials technology producer has selected the VisiShip Rating Engine as their next generation shipment rating system. This customer rates all North American shipments across modes using VisiShip and the system has identified freight cost reduction of 8% from improved LTL routing guide compliance alone.

How VisiShips Rating Engine helped with carrier selection & rate optimization:

  • VisiShip was able to displace the industry leading rating software. The customer preferred the value offered by VisiShip through a combination of capabilities, service and price.
  • Individual plants throughout North America are using the VisiShip Rating Engine for carrier selection. Corporate logistics managers are using the Rating Engine for accrual calculations.
  • TMT was able to get an acquired company up and running on the Rating Engine using their carriers and contracts within two weeks.
  • This is an example of a rapid implementation of VisiShip that resulted in immediate project payback for the customer through rate optimization.

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